Happy New Year!

Postcard picture with a Damen CSD500 at sunset

Happy New Year everybody! I wish you all: health and happiness.

Last year’s new year’s resolution, was to start a blog and share with you my thoughts and experiences in dredging. As you are reading this, I succeeded so far. I really hope you enjoy these little stories on my professional interests and by now have already bookmarked my site to your favourites.

Last year we had the CEDA Dredging Days1 as a starter and continuing story arc for a couple of blog posts. Now I will probably only update you on the progress of the Dredging Management Commission, I am participating in2. Any other current events that will happen will also be covered as they come along. One big project worth covering will be the ¡VAMOS! project3. It will have its final tests and the total conclusion of the project. So, there will be some reports on that. We have several students working on interesting projects that will be highlighted on a case by case basis.

A real cornucopia of dredging related topics is our own Damen Dredging Experience4. Here in Nijkerk, we have a small museum with exhibits that explain the processes of dredging in a very tangible way. They are very suitable to fill in the gaps between the other stories.

I think, that with all the ideas I already have on the shelf, the ‘Chapters page’ of this website will nicely fill out and start to become the reference page I intended it to be.

The first stories that are on the shelf, are about my last year’s holiday. In our Christmas break, besides reading other author’s books (Did you also?), we were compiling our own picture book about our summer holiday in the United States. Sorry, I am a passionate dredger and even on my holiday I had some observations and experiences about dredging that I want to share with you also.

All kinds of dredges


  1. CEDA Dredging Days
  2. CEDA Dredging Management Commission
  3. ¡VAMOS! Project
  4. Damen Dredging Experience

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