Countdown to the CEDA Dredging Days 2017

Audience at CEDA Dredging Days 2015 (Credit: CEDA 2015)

One week from now, the CEDA Dredging Days 2017 will be held in Rotterdam1. This is THE event for the dredging industry to share the latest developments on a technical level. So far I’ve attended every single Dredging Days since 1993. None of them have been a disappointment. There is always something new to discover. Either a presentation with a novel development, or new people to meet or old acquaintances that share a new story on the latest work.

As this is the place to be for discoveries in dredging, I will start of my first serious posts with this event. It is for you to discover whether my personal interests will be exciting enough to read. I do hope you will be fascinated enough, that I may serve you as your personal reporter on site.

There are a lot of exciting items on the program and I can’t cover them all, but most interesting to me are:

  1. Technical visit to the Prinses Beatrix Lock expansion project2
  2. The presentation of the Checklist for Successful Dredging Management3
  3. Presentation Klaas Slager, A novel approach to determine dredge pump NPSHr in field conditions
  4. Presentation Ewout van Duursen, New approach of a double walled pump house
  5. Young CEDA Pitch Talk by Ben Sloof, CFD in hopper loading calculations
  6. Damen Booth at the Dredging Exhibition4

Each of them have a personal interest to me, one way or the other. As there is a lot to discuss about these items, I will cover them in their own posts over the course of the next weeks. Maybe interspersed with reports of noteworthy events as they happen.

So, I hope to see you on the CEDA Dredging Days, I will be at the Damen booth #15 on the Dredging Exhibition. Or you can come back and read my reports here.

Receiving a visitor at the Dredging Exhibition 2015 (Credit: CEDA 2015)


  1. CEDA Dredging Days 2017
  2. Technical visit
  3. Checklist for Successful Dredging Management
  4. Damen Booth at the Dredging Exhibition

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