Curriculum Vitae


Mark graduated in 1998 at the Delft University of Technology, on the improvement of an auger dredge in Sweden. His first job was as a dredge design engineer at DWE, a shipyard in Germany. In 2002 he started working for Damen Dredging Equipment as a project manager engineering. Gradually more complex projects and product development led to the creation of a research and development department in Nijkerk. Several big development projects were started, two projects were financed by national and European innovation programs, working closely with several partners. The ¡VAMOS! project for the development of an alternative mining system is still running. Currently, Mark is involved in strategic development programs, research coordination and the dissemination of knowledge on dredging.




Experienced and motivated dredger
Inquisitive researcher and analyser
Dreamer and visionary

Educational Background

• M.Sc. Mechanical Engineering, Technical University Delft, 1998
• VWO, Dr. F.H. de Bruijne Lyceum, Utrecht, 1988


2002-Today Damen Dredging Equipment

2008-Today Manager Research and Development

• ¡VAMOS! Task manager slurry system
• Research coordinator
• Damen Dredging Innovation program
• Submerged mining tools concept development
• Technology exploration
• Dredge process test circuit development
• Development of the Ro-Ro Deep Dredge system
• VOUB Dredge Course internal teacher
• General Research & Development
• Pump design

2002-2008 Project Manager Engineering

• Dredging Technology Expert
• Degassing System Improvement
• Standard Dredge Development
• Cutter Suction Dredge, SCA Egypt
• Deep Suction Dredge, Boskalis

1998-2001 Deggendorfer Werft und Eisenbau GmbH

Dredge Design Engineer

• Floating Booster Station, SCA Egypt
• Hopper Suction Dredger, HD Thailand
• Dredge System Design
• Sales Engineering

1996-1997 Skanska Sweden

Graduation Thesis Student

• Auger Dredge Improvement

1995-1996 TU Delft

Student Assistant

• VOUB Dredging Course book 4
• CEDA Dredging Dictionary
• Illustrations lecture hand-out’s Professor Vlasblom


18. New Approach Of a Double Walled Pump House
Duursen AE van, Winkelman MO, Tijssen M
CEDA Dredging Days 2017
17. Applying Proven Dredge designs in a non-standard situation; The Oil Sands
Marcus OP, Tijssen M, Winkelman MO
Dredging Summit & Expo ’17, 2017
16. On The Relation Of Maximum Ball Passage And Recirculation Losses In Dredge Pumps
Slager K, Winkelman MO
WODCON 21, 2016
15. Sand Erosion With A Traversing Circular Jet
Weegenaar RA, Keetels GH, Winkelman MO, Rhee C van
Maritime Engineering Journal Vol. 168 Issue MA2, 2015
14. Developments In Mining Equipment And Pumps For Subsea And Inland Submerged Deposits
Kapusniak S, Tenwolde D, Winkelman MO
WODCON 20, 2013
13. Offshore Deepsea Dredging Applications And Operational Viability Of The Roro Deep Dredge System
Duursen van AE, Winkelman MO
CEDA Dreging Days 2011
12. New Approach In Deep Sea Dredging
Duursen van AE, Winkelman MO
OMAE 2011
11. New Approach In Deep Sea Dredging
Duursen van AE, Winkelman MO
WEDA31 2011
10. Multi Functional Small Dredging Solution For Maintenance Of Deep Irrigation Reservoirs And Hydro Power Dams
Post PJ, Wibbelink, E, Winkelman MO
Dam Maintenance and Rehabilitation II 2011
9. Multi Functional Small Dredging Solution For Maintenance Of Deep Irrigation Reservoirs And Hydro Power Dams
Anssems PEWM, Tijssen M, Winkelman MO
Hydro 2008
8. Multi Functional Small Dredging Solution For Maintenance Of Deep Irrigation Reservoirs And Hydro Power Dams
Anssems PEWM, Tijssen M, Winkelman MO
CEDA Dredging Days 2008
7. Modern Positioning System Provides For An Inexpensive Mattress-Laying Vessel At The Venice Surge Barrier
Winkelman MO, Mulder AH, Tenwolde D
6. Auger Head; The Perfect Tool For (Extreme) Environmental Dredging Operations?!
Winkelman MO, Tenwolde D
CEDA Dredging Days 2005
5. Does Shear Stress Modulate Both Plaque Progression And Regression In The Thoracic Aorta? Human Study Using Serial Magnetic Resonance Imaging.
Wentzel JJ, Corti R, Fayad ZA, Wisdom P, Macaluso F, Winkelman MO, Fuster V, Badimon JJ
J Am Coll Cardiol 2005 March 15;45(6):846-54
4. Ketelmeer Project: Eyes On The IJsseloog Island
Winkelman MO
Dredging and Port Construction, Jan 2000
3. Master Thesis part 3:
Winkelman MO
TU Delft, 1998
2. Master Thesis Part 2: Redesigning The Installation Of The Auger Dredger ‘Detritus’
Winkelman MO
TU Delft, 1998
1. Master Thesis Part 1: Analyzing The Capabilities Of An Existing Auger Dredger To Extrapolate The Findings For Dredging In Silt With A Higher Shear Strength
Winkelman MO
TU Delft, 1998


Baggerdompelpomp, Boek 7: Bijzondere Technieken, Voortgezette Opleiding Uitvoering Waterbouwwerken, Vereniging van Waterbouwers, Gouda 2010, ISBN 978-90-76775-10-4
Multi Functional Small Dredging Solution for Maintenance of Deep Irrigation Reservoirs and Hydro Power Dams , Dam Maintenance and Rehabilitation II – Romeo Garcia et al. (eds), Taylor & Francis Group, London 2011, ISBN 978-0-415-61648-5

 Invited Lectures

Minor Offshore: Dredge Pumps and Pipes, Avans Hogeschool, December 11, 2015
Deep Sea Dredging, Kivi Niria Lecture, September 8, 2011


Binnenvaartkrant, August, 26, 2017: “BaggerPraktijkTuin verder uitgebreid”
De Merwestreek, August, 25, 2017: “BaggerPraktijkTuin verder uitgebreid”, March, 10, 2017: “DEME to Host Next CEDA Dredging Management Commission Meeting”
Dredging and Port Construction, April 2017: “CEDA’s 2nd Dredging Management Commission meeting in Rotterdam”
Breen, Juni 2013: “Damen Dredging Equipment: Tientallen jaren ervaring in baggeren en deep sea mining” (Interview)
Fairplay, June 2011: “Dredging without a dredger” (Interview)
Dredging and Port Construction, November 2009: “Experience counts” (Interview)
Dredging and Port Construction, August 1999: “Deggendorfer Werft und Eisenbau” (Interview)


• A dredge vessel system for deep-sea dredging
Marius Otto Winkelman, Hendrik Ratering
WO 2011/003438 B1
• Cutter head
Marius Otto Winkelman
WO 2012/007533 A1
• (Pending) A pumping system
Marius Otto Winkelman, Klaas Slager
EP 2016/16157400


Horizons 2020: (642477: EURO 2.036.597/9.200.000) ¡VAMOS! Inland Mining (2015), 17 Partner Consortium
Materials Innovations Institute: (MA.11234: EURO 20.000) Novel rock cutting technology (2011), UTwente
Maritiem Innovatie Project: (MAR08015: EURO 336.960) Baggeren op grote diepte (2008); Marin, TU Delft, UTwente


Best Paper Award 2016, Dredging Contractors of America and Western Dredging Association; ‘On The Relation Of Maximum Ball Passage And Recirculation Losses In Dredge Pumps’; Slager K, Winkelman MO; WODCON 21, 2016


2017 CEDA Member of paper committee CEDA Dredging Days
2017 Member of scientific committee Real Time Mining Conference
2017 CEDA Member of Dredging Management Commission
2005 CEDA Chairman Audit Committee
2004 CEDA Member Audit Committee

Supervisory work

B.Eng. Students

RoRo Deep dredge (2009)
Product Development Workflow (2010)
Test Circuit development (2012)

M.Sc. Students

CSD course content (2012)
Jet performance (2014)
Cutter head profile modelling (2015)
Wave response modelling (2016)
Spud anchoring (2017)
Hopper loading (2017)
Trailing head forces (2018)


2013: VCA ++
2009: AED Operator
1997: PADI Open Water Diver
1988: Driver’s License B, E
1985: VHF Radio License including GMDSS


2017: Sharepoint and Onedrive implementation
2016: Jack-up awareness (DNV-GL)
2010: Ansys CFX and workbench
2010: User Course CFturbo
2008: Characteristics of Electrical Drives
2008: Result Oriented Procedures (RASCI)
2008: Multiphase Pumping Tutorial
2008: Communication Management
2007: Functional Specifications
2007: Efficient & Responsible Design
2005: Basics of Space Flight
2005: Fluid Dynamics of Centrifugal Pumps
2005: Burgers Centre: Granular Materials
2004: VOUB Dredging Course
2003: Caterpillar 3500 Operation
2000: MS Power Point


MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook)
MS Access
Arduino PLC programming (Process/C dialect)

Lingual capabilities

Dutch (Native)
English (Fluent)
German (Fluent)
Swedish (Speaking, moderate writing)

Professional Associations

Central Dredging Association (CEDA)
Koninklijk Instituut van Ingenieurs (KIvI)

Leisure time activities

Boats & Sailing
Reading (science, technology, sci-fi, religion)
Model Rocketry (registered DRRA member)
Space Flight Simulation

Extra-professional experiences

2017 Scenery committee “Alice in Wonderland” Ballet School Helen Wilson
2015 Scenery committee “Aladdin” Ballet School Helen Wilson
2013-Now Audio mixing board controller for church services
2010-2015 Children’s workshops astronomy & rocketry
2008-2012 Tutor STEM for Vietnamese High School students
2004-2009 Restoration of a classic wooden life boat (RNLI)
1994-1996 Church youth club coach
1993 Holland to Portugal Sailing Race
1991-1992 Treasurer of student fraternity ‘Civitas Studiosorum Reformatorum’ Delft
1986-1987 Trans-Atlantic sailing cruise